MainAll advantages to be a home in Italy on Lake Como

All advantages to be a home in Italy on Lake Como

How to start a process of selecting a house abroad ? Of course, with the ideas and the world map. We sit down at the computer and begin to choose what a fabulous place where we would like to find a second home. Each of us pursuing different objectives , someone wants solitude , someone soft warm Mediterranean climate in summer and winter , and someone on the contrary seeking ski resorts .


After reviewing hundreds of country end  thousands of regions you opt for real estate in Italy. Your first home abroad should be here.

Why Italy ? This question is easy to answer .

  • First, from the main cities in Europe it is separated by only 1-2 hours flight by plane or 5- 6 hours by car . This allows even come from Europe to Italy , not only for the long vacation, but also for weekend. when compared to the time it is carried out in the Friday traffic to travel to a country house urban residents in Europe , it turns out that the house in Italy is even closer than the house in their own country


  •  Secondly , the climate of the north - Italian region of Lombardy , Piedmont, Alto Adige , Veneto is ideal for children and adults will accompany . You will accompany the fresh summer and warm winter .


  •  Third, the Americans call Italy Little Italy, if your choice in the search for real estate fell on northern regions , and in particular the most famous for its lakes of Como , Maggiore , Garda , Iseo , Varese , you will not only be the proud owner of the most liquid real estate , but also be able to diversify your life great new travel without spending a lot of time on travel. Having an apartment in Milan , and in the towns of Lake Como , Maggiore , Garda , Iseo and Varese you can enjoy sea breeze in the spring and summer spent only one hour of your life to move out of the city of Milan on the coast of Ligurian Sea. Doing 2:00 way you can be abroad in the beautiful Principality of Monaco , in Monte Carlo , on the amazing French Riviera .And for fans of winter recreation in Italy, having passed all 2hours given the opportunity to be on the best ski resorts of Madesimo , Livigno was - duty-free zone of Bormio- of cities where the World Ski Championships descent , and it is famous for its thermal springs 


  • Fourth, the Italian Mediterranean cuisine is considered to be the most healthy and useful today . The abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables , different types of cheeses and wines will satisfy even the most refined tastes


  •  Fifth, everyone knows that the best shopping in Milan , Verona, Como , Florence, Rome and Naples . The most famous stylists and designers in the world are considered to be the Italians .

Wellcome to Italy!